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A self-taught freelance photographer & enthusiast film-maker, 

with a passion for seeing & capturing the beauty of this world.

Based in Durban, South Africa, his love for travel & story telling

sees him exploring his home land, sharing his journey along the way.


Wide eyed & glowing, he first picked up a camera in 2010,

developing a deep understanding of photography with apt knowledge of

composition, lighting & technique, showcasing his subjects in a natural way.

He knows that beautiful imagery is the key ingredient to catching the eye of the viewer,

so seeks out to get the best perspective, to lead the eye in & tell the story.

Built on a foundation of 8 years in Real Estate photography, he has grown his 

business based on a sound work ethic, strong interpersonal & customer service skills, carrying himself in a professional demeanour, with the ability to tackle

any problem, finding creative solutions & continuing to grow in new ways. 

His heart is open to capturing beautiful spaces, Including but not limited to -

Interior Design,  Architecture,  Accommodation,  Real Estate,  Landscapes & Travel.



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